The Paint Restoration Project

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Note:  Please direct all questions regarding the Paint Restoration Project to Will Stanley, Property Manager.  

The GG Editor will not be able to respond to individual questions.

Schedule:  The schedule runs for more than a 5-month time table, with two buildings scheduled every 10 days.  Actual work will start July 13 and end in early December.

See the proposed schedule as sent in your official notice from the Property Manager.

All schedules subject to weather delays.

Options:  The Architecttural Controls Committee is offering options for changing out your front and/or back light fixtures with a set of choices as outlined by the committee.  You may wish to do this before the painting starts, so that the painting will be able to cover the areas where the former fixture fits.  You will need to take this option quickly for your order to be placed.  See next newsletter for a reprint of this option (and is also contained in your official notice from the Property Manager).


Attention Glenwood Green Residents –
The Glenwood Green Community Paint Project is scheduled to begin Monday, July 6th. Baldpates General Contracting will be staging in the visitor parking area in front of the Clubhouse over the first several days. A preliminary schedule is attached and is subject to change. Notice will be attached to garage doors a minimum of 48 hours prior to work beginning on your building. Please read the attached instructions from Baldpates General Contract and prepare your home accordingly. Please notify all residents and guests of the anticipated schedule for the work, patio/deck clean ups, and the parking restrictions for guest parking. Owners will be responsible for preparing your home/removing exterior items for the paint project.

Bald pates General Contracting will be performing Exterior and Painting Project at Glenwood Green from 06/06/20 -12/31/20. The staging area will be located at the clubhouse. All guest parking spaces by the clubhouse must be empty by 7 a.m. Monday, July 6th, or vehicles may be moved by a tow truck at the owner’s expense. BGC will be onsite for approximately 180 calendar days (weather Permitting) with crew working hours 8am-7pm Monday-Friday. Saturdays will be utilized for makeup days 8am-5pm. If work is necessitated to be scheduled on a Saturday of any given week, notification must be given and approved by the Owners Representative on the Wednesday prior to the Saturday request to be on site. New notifications will need to be posted on the effected buildings for Saturday work no later than the Thursday prior to the Saturday work request for catch up.


• PLEASE REMOVE ALL PERSONAL ITEMS from the backyards and decks to minimize any potential damage to personal belongings. All personal property outside of your home needs to be removed until your building is complete. Everything on porches, lawns, plants, furniture, yard art, lights, fountains, flags, etc….
• Neither the Association nor BGC can be responsible for any damage to personal items inside or outside of your home during the project.
• Any landscape against the home needs to be cut back before Exterior Project begins. Any vines growing against your home needs to be removed.
• USE CAUTION! For everyone’s safety, please be aware of all crew members, equipment and traffic detours while driving in the community, entering/exiting your home, and when allowing pets and children outside.
• Keep all window blinds closed for your privacy during the project.
• Close all windows and put towels down to prevent water from coming in during pressure washing
• Due to Covid -19 DO NOT approach any BGC employees.
• Backyard fence sections will be removed to gain access, BGC will temporarily put back up each day. DO NOT allow children and pets outside where fences are dismantled at any point until completion.
• There will be noise. Please adjust your personal routine and work schedules as needed for the day your building is scheduled.
• All cars must be out of driveways by 8 a.m. on your building’s scheduled day.
• Pets that may become anxious during the work due to noise should be taken off-site for the day or kept in an area of your home where they will be less likely to be impacted by the noise.
• Please use caution and be on the lookout and pick up any nails you may find. Crews will clean up nails and debris constantly, but please be mindful there may be nails on the ground or in landscaping that are missed. We all want to prevent tire damage or injury to any children or pets.
• Power equipment will be on site. Please use caution while crew members are operating.
• Drop cords will be used during project, please be aware and stay clear.
• BGC to use property electricity and water.
• Pedestrian traffic is NOT allowed in construction areas at any time.
• Park at a distance from work areas to avoid dirt/debris on vehicles.
• Remove all pictures from exterior walls of your home.
• Report any issues via email to:

Tentative building schedule and additional information about the project attached. Please review all information and share with all residents of your home.

Glenwood Green Condominium Association

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