This Week – Lots of Action in Glenwood Green!

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Some of our many projects that have been in the works come together  this week.

  • The last two buildings of the roofing project are scheduled to be completed Monday and Tuesday. Equipment, dumpster, and other equipment will be removed from the dog park parking area by Wednesday and Thursday.   All claims are expected to be completed by or before the end of the week.
  • Boutte Tree will be on site early this week and also next week (prior to Thanksgiving), doing Phase 2 and Phase 3 Tree Trimming. You should have received an email from Will Stanley, our property manager, detailing the work and what you need to do if your building/unit is affected. That means clearing front and back yards, as outlined in the memo.  They will also be on site in early December to do the Back Fence area (Southern) cleanup .and the Western Fence Edge clean-up. This December work will be outside our fences and not affect individual units.
  • Google has a Pre-Construction meeting scheduled here for Tuesday. Will and I will be in attendance and will be pushing for install information.   We will keep you posted as this develops.
  • And finally, the deferred Fall Landscaping will start either Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning and concludes by the end of the week (weather permitting – have you heard that before!). They will be working around the tree trimming, with doing those trimmed areas already completed first.  All buildings and some of the pathways will see installations, but not all units in each building.  Just like the Spring Plan, this is part of a multi-year effort to replace and upgrade our front yards as a priority, with paths and common areas getting some help too.  The front clubhouse parking area will need to be cleared for the plantings, garden soil and equipment coming in on Tuesday morning. That means another week of no parking starting Monday evening through Friday in the Clubhouse Visitors area. 

So, needless to say, it’ll be a crazy, busy week. I will be on the ground all week working logistics and trying to keep it smooth. It is critical that all this be completed before Thanksgiving and before we get into the cold weather ahead. But the good news is that all the disruption will be going on over this one week (except for some tree trimming next week).  Are you watching your home values going up?  Happy to have a newly improved community?  And more to come next year!

Thanks for your support and mostly your patience!


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