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The Red Truck will be here Wednesday, April 8 (date is now corrected in the text below).  That’s 9 days from today!

And the Dumpster is the Week of April 13 (Monday) thru the following Sunday.  Also now corrected in the text below.

Sorry All – I should have proofed better!

GG Editor

We’re bringing the coffee!  And Tea  and Chai and Iced Coffee and Pastries to you!

Wednesday, April 8 from 10 to 11 AM.

Refuge Coffee will be bringing their Red Truck and parking it near the Clubhouse!

Refuge Coffee Co. is a non-profit business that exists to serve the global community in Clarkston through coffee-related job creation, job training, social networking, and commerce.  So you’re helping others while helping yourself!

Reminder:  Practice social-distancing while grabbing a cup from the Refuge Red Truck.

Let’s protect our coffee truck friends and our neighbors by washing your hands and waiting at least 6 feet  behind the customer in front of you.

Thanks to good neighbor, Amanda Miller of the Sustainability Committee (Building 1100) for arranging this for us!  And if you like this, would you like to see a repeat and/or a food truck?

Composting at Glenwood Green

Our Composting service starts this Thursdays when the bins are to be delivered.

Have you started saving those scraps?  The full list – and it’s huge –  of what you can compost and more details are here:    CompostNow! 


Spring Clean-Up!

As suggested in an earlier newsletter, for all of us with hours on end at home, this is a great time to take on some spring cleaning-up and cleaning-out!   We’ve seen a lot of you out working on your patios, filling leaf bags, using the new pressure washer (8 this past week)!   And wishing you had less “storage” piled up!

Our dumpster will be on site the 2nd week of April (starting Monday, April 13) for your larger items that need discarding and are not suitable for the dumpster or recycling.  To schedule the pressure washer, text Wayne here: 404 862 1198.   And FYI, Wayne tells3 me he is sanitizing the pressure washer with bleach before and after each use, keeping down those nasty virus bugs!3

Being Neighborly?  We notice you are all pretty much adhering to the 6 foot social distancing rule!  tHANKS for keeping us safer!  One suggestion from a neighbor:  now that we are home pretty much all day and night, please be aware of your dog’s noise. And we’re talking about inside as much as outside.  Our walls are pretty thin and barking travels through. Thank You!

Pool Update:  We have not yet received the pool permit from the City of Atlanta.  This needs to be in hand before the pool can be opened.  We have heard nothing regarding issuing of permits right now with the City’s sheltering in place regulations currently in effect.  We will keep you informed when we do.  But in the meantime, please do not use the pool, do not enter the pool area.  We can be fined if used before a permit is obtained.  Let’s hope that by our efforts to “flatten the curve”, we can revive great social and summer time activities soon!

Coming Soon:  Look for our new Column “Glenwood GREEN Team” coming soon!  Ideas, tips, tricks, resources for our Sustainable Community.  Hint:   You can see the site set up on the Members Area page, at the top of the right hand column.  Becky Dobras of the Sustainability Committee (Building 2400) is the Editor of this new column.  Thanks, Becky, for helping us all make this a GREENER community!



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