Tips for GREEN Living at Glenwood Green

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Edited by Resident Becky Dobras, Sustainability Committee

Glenwood Green: Welcome to the newsletter’s newest addition – tips for living a greener, more sustainable lifestyle from your Green Team!

We all thank you for doing your part!

To start this section off, and without trying to sound like a broken record, please, please, PLEASE do not put plastic bags of any kind, including plastic trash bags, into the recycling bins. Your recycling items may end up in the trash  destined for the landfill  if contained in a plastic trash bag. We know you care, or you would not be recycling in the first place, and so don’t let your efforts be in vain. Please dump your recycling items into the bins, and either reuse your trash bag, take it a grocery store for bag recycling, or put it in the dumpster.  Or use those brown paper bags from the grocery, dump your recyles, then put the brown bag into the compost bin.

Even better, put your recycling items in a reusable bin and dump into the bins when full, so you don’t have to use plastic bags at all. THANK YOU!!!

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