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Welcome to the newly revitalized Glenwood Green website!  We’re glad you’re here!   As of today more than 100 units have said they want to know what’s going on, know more about life in GG and our surrounds.

And today,  we post the first of many newsletters to come.  And what could be more appropriate than the let you know of the upcoming HOA Board Meeting.

Tuesday evening, 6:30 pm in the Clubhouse, of course.

We hope to see you there.  And it’s a chance to meet your neighbors, find out what’s happening in GG as the decisions are being made – and ask questions too.

Life in GG

Just for fun, we are sharing  pictures of the sideyard so beautifully landscaped and maintained by none other that Board Member Michelle Dixon and husband.  Not only does Michelle volunteer countless hours to Board business but spends time making her little corner of the world beautiful for all to see!  If you haven’t trod the path along this side yard, come view the landscaping, beautiful plantings and blooms for all season, even a Victorian-style fountain.  Thanks for gracing us with beauty all-year round!


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  • lizandkarl

    Thanks again, Lyn! A cpl Qs to help understand how to use the site best….

    1. Is this a place for members to post lost and found, need help, etc, or should we continue that with the facebook page?
    2. Does anyone know of a way to get notifications when a board member (or anyone, I guess) posts something new on here? Some kind of feed thing? I am not so tech savvy, hoping I wouln’t have to check it all the time, but don’t want to miss things.

    • lynpeachtree

      Hi Liz & Karl,
      These are great questions – especially as the new website is gearing up.
      1. This website is not interactive (other than you sending us comments which we will happily answer). The Glenwood Green FB is still the best way to put out individual messages, especially if of a more personal nature. Having said that, if you or anyone has something of a general interest for the whole group, you may email me as editor or the HOA Board or The Property Manager and we can sort through it, determine it’s interest level, and then post it for the community. And we’d love to have this kind of input from any and all of the residents!

      2. Anything that constitutes a “post” will go out to you and all residents as an email to your inbox. You don’t need to do anything further! That’s the beauty of this website. We can reach everyone (well, everyone that’s registered, of course) in a moment! So you might encourage anyone not registered that it’s a good idea to register and keep informed! I will also suggest to you all to watch your spam/junk box as sometimes “bulk” emails end of there!

      Again, our thanks for being an interested resident!

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