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It’s been a frustrating year or so with package delivery here a Glenwood Green.  But it all started back in 2003 – when the Clubhouse and Mail Room got built.

No one could envision what would happen with that now-giant Amazon!  Today, we have our tiny mailboxes that are great for letters (do you still get any?) and not much more.  And there are only a few package boxes for larger items. And we all know there is no room in that tiny space to add more or larger mail boxes.

Jump ahead to September 18, 2018:  that’s the day your COA Board decided to tackle the problem and envisioned a “bin sorter” for those extra packages that end up all over the floor.  So sometime in the next week or so, an open  bookcase with 16 bins will be added to the postal delivery options.  It will be placed on one of the walls just outside the mail room. And, yes, the USPS is totally on-board with this solution.

How it works:  what doesn’t fit in your mailbox will be sorted into one of the bins in the new bookcase.  The bins will be numbered by unit numbers (something like “101 to 400”).  All you’ll need to do is empty your mailbox, as usual, and check one bin.  Easy?  You bet!

A few rules of the road – Things to Know!

  • These new bins are for use by the USPS – who delivers mail and, as you know so well, some of the Amazon packages consigned to them.  Current USPS policy is to either place in the mailbox or leave you a message to pick up at the post office.  They have “broken” this policy by leaving parcels in the the mail room for your convenience, but there is no option for them to deliver to your door.  Our new bin solution is an ideal solution for our  tiny mail boxes, tiny mail room. And, please, know that there will always be boxes too large for even the  bins and will have to placed on the floor – that TV you ordered, for example!
  • Regular Amazon delivery:  you know those trucks that sometimes deliver to your door and sometimes drop 25 packages in the clubhouse (how are they even getting in there!).  Good news:  GG is working with Amazon Logistics to get these truck drivers back on track, delivering to your door.  This is Amazon policy.  There is no policy for them to drop in the mail room unless you request it specially at the time of ordering! This is a work in progress – but we are on it!  There is already some improvement and it will never be 100% but we will continue speaking out for you!
  •  The bottom line: only the USPS is authorized to deliver to the Mail Room.  Everyone else is to deliver to your door – Amazon delivery,  UPS, Fed Ex, and all the others.  Got it?
  • One more thing:  If you get something in your mailbox that isn’t you,  isn’t the right address or the right unit number:  Write across the front of the piece:  “Misdelivered to Unit xxxx, 951 Glenwood” and drop right back in the outgoing mailbox.  It is the mail person’s job to get it the right person/address.  If the address and unit numbers are correct, then write across the piece “No longer at this address” and drop in the mail box.

Okay?  Remember this is a work in progress!  And we’ll continue to monitor and adjust as needed.


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  • Grant

    please provide a permanent market or pen attached to the board for convenience. On several occasions, i’ve received the wrong mail but didn’t have a pen to write on it.

    • GGEditor

      Great Suggestion, Grant! I assume you mean the Bulletin Board? I’ll do it in the next few days. Now, I hope it STAYS there!

  • Dan Bodahl

    Appreciate your work on this. Before the spikes were added under the gates, doorway thefts were an issue. Hopefully, no more.

    • GGEditor

      Thanks, Dan. But, as they say, it takes a village.

  • Jocelyn Ramirez

    Thanks for addressing this issue! looking forward to an easier way to find my packages.

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